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Saturday June 11th 1983

friars aylesbury phase three - maxwell hall, civic centre, market square, aylesbury


St Anthony' Fire
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Bauhaus Saturday June 20th 1981  Saturday October 16th 1982
 BURNING FROM THE INSIDE TOUR - Satori; Burning From the Inside; In Fear of Fear; Terror Couple Kill Colonel; The Spy in the Cab; Kingdom's Coming; She's in Parties; Antonin Artaud; King Volcano; Passion of Lovers; Slice of Life; In Heaven; Dancing; Hollow Hills; Stigmata Martyr; Kick in the Eye; Dark Entries; Double Dare; In the Flat Field; Boys; God in an Alcove; Hair of the Dog; Bela Lugosi's Dead
band line up
Peter Murphy (vocs)  Kevin Haskins (drums)  David Jay (bass)  Daniel Ash (guitar)
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Webmaster, somewhere in north Bucks

  My main memory of this gig is my mate and I getting (good natured) verbals from the security staff on entering the gig with them asking if we were in the right place. This stemmed from our wearing of jeans and pastel coloured sweatshirts. This became very apparent when everyone around us was in black from head to foot! The gig was a peach and I remember Peter Murphy swinging from a rope ladder into the audience although I can't remember why he did that. Burning From The Inside is a great album and this was to be Bauhaus's last hurrah for 20 years

Peter Murphy, Bauhaus

   As a teen, I would stay with my wonderful Sunshine big sister Shirley in the village of Ivinghoe, for many a full summer school holiday, the nearest town being Aylesbury and Aylesbury Friars was the first venue that I felt the moment I walked in at 15 years old, that whatever was going on there was connected to what was really going on in the music scene. The only other music hall that I'd regularly visited in Northampton, seemed to only book either older failed metal bands that were past their prime, or 'B' rated non starters. Long before I began my own band, I’d go to ‘Friars’ alone and soak up the scene.  One of those gigs was the Iggy Lust For Life Tour, where it seemed unbelievable that he’d be in town, as not only had I relentlessly got heavily into "The Idiot" that particular summer, but there was The Igg himself,  a far cry from the mythical Detroit USA.  One of the lasting impressions of that particular gig was the Mark & Spencer like grey flannel trousers the he was wearing that night, which seemed completely incongruous with the man and post gig, I surpassed my shy self, going to the security man and nonchalantly telling him that I was a friend of Jimmy (Osterberg) and to tell him to come down and see me backstage. Without a blink, the man promptly gave the message and I was told to ‘go up’ where the IGG was waiting for me! As it turns out, I lost my way in a spinal tap like search along the corridors and bottled out finally. Still, I had a prescient knowledge or perhaps resolve that I would someday be on that stage.  How, why or when, I had no idea at all.

Peter Murphy at this gig - thanks Don Stone

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what happened next
Bauhaus disbanded after the 1983 Burning from The Inside tour and all members worked on solo projects. In 2006, the original band reformed and toured. A new album was released in early 2008 with no apparent intention of touring and it seems that it now really it.
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 Did you know that the band was originally called Bauhaus 1919?
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Bauhaus official site
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Bauhaus - King Volcano

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