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Saturday February 21st 1981

friars aylesbury phase three - maxwell hall, civic centre, market square, aylesbury

Dave Evans
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Nude Tour: Never Let Go; Song Within A Song; Summer Lightning; Lunar Sea; Wait; Ice; City Life; Nude; Drafted; Docks; Beached; Landscapes; Changing Places; Reflections; Captured; Lies; The Last Farewell; Rhyader; Rhyader Goes To Town; Another Night
band line up
Andrew Latimer (vocs)  Andy Ward (drums)  Colin Bass (bass)  Mel Collins (sax) Duncan Mackay (keys)  Jan Schelhaas (keys)
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The webmaster, north Bucks:

"I cannot admit to being Camel's hugest fan, simply because I had not heard much of their stuff to make a judgment, but knew they were popular, especially in Aylesbury. Someone lent me the Nude album upon which this tour was based and fell in love with "City Life" from the album, so that was it, I went! They were pretty good, but one of the strangest things for me was the audience sitting on the floor for support act, Dave Evans, a singer songwriter guitarist. I had never seen this before, nor have I seen it since

Colin Bass, in a playful mood on his website (and at our asking after we pointed out (as well as playing with Steve Hillage) he DID play with Camel in 1979/1981!)

What a wonderful institution Friars at Aylesbury was. I believe that Camel played there several times but I wasn't there, it all being before my time

Well that's very interesting and proof, if any were needed, that my memory is not what it used to be, if indeed it ever was. As my uncle said, we will never forget the day we lost our memory. But if it was in October 79 then I was indeed there and if I could remember it, it would be as a wonderful occasion.
Now, just help me out a little here, Aylesbury is just north of Scunthorpe, right?"

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what happened next
Camel are true Friars heroes and continued with Andy Latimer at the helm (and Colin Bass from 1979) until 2003 when they undertook a farewell tour and more or less permanent hiatus. This was largely due to Latimer being in poor health but as at 2012, very pleased to report he is much better and they reconvened in 2013 to perform The Snow Goose and play more UK gigs in 2015
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