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Saturday August 16th 1975

friars aylesbury phase two - borough assembly hall, market square, aylesbury


Chapman Whitney Streetwalkers
Clemen Pull
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Family  Friars Dunstable (Chapman and Whitney) Wednesday January 26th 1972
Likely to have included: Downtown Flyers; Walking On Waters; Tokyo Rose; Hangman; Toenail Draging; My Friend The Sun; Crawfish; Burn It Down; Burlesque
band line up
Chapman Whitney Streetwalkers
Roger Chapman  Charlie Whitney  Bobby Tench  Jon Plotel  Nicko McBrain
Clemen Pull
Mark Sims  Chris Hunt  Nigel Wade 
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Mark Sims, Clemen Pull

Roger Chapman was originally from a group called Family, which had a couple of minor hits, but toured on a regular basis.  In fact, Family was a personal favourite of mine, so playing support to Streetwalkers was something of a dream come true at the time.  As I remember it was well attended, as you would expect with Roger and the boys top of the bill.  Streetwalkers and their Roadies were encouraging to us in the group, and helped our Roadies.  Streetwalkers even allowed us to use our pyrotechnics. It was a great gig, with both bands going down very well.  The organisation was superb.  There was no hassle and the organisers even mustered up a few people to help our Roadies get the gear squared away in the van.  This is a real blast.  Not only did I play at Friars, but occasionally would go to watch various groups.  I seem to recall going to see The Pink Fairies.  There were other groups but I can't remember their names

Gary Leeson, Friars fan:

"I remember this night as being a memorable night of great music with CWS crashing out storming versions of Family classics along with their own material. During the set Roger Chapman punched his way through a tambourine then threw it out into the audience, a sea of hands reached for it and to my surprise I caught it. My mate immediately hoisted me up onto his shoulders and there I was bashing the tambourine in time with the band with the audience clapping along,  I cant remember the number but a great moment I shall never forget.

After the gig we all milled about in the Market Square chatting about the gig and studying the hand out when a little toe rag ran past and snatched the tambourine out of my hand and disappeared into the    night, there were cries of “lets get him”, but as the peace and love era was still hanging around particularly at Friars we decided to let it go, shame it would have been a great souvenir of a memorable night"

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what happened next
Chapman Whitney Streetwalkers ended in 1977. Roger Chapman and Charlie Whitney are still active today. Nicko McBrain became the drummer of one of the world's biggest rock bands, Iron Maiden

Roger Chapman was part of a reformed family in 2013. Whitney, now living abroad, declined to rejoin

Clemen Pull lasted till 1977.

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Roger Chapman official site  Clemen Pull official site
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Chapman Whitney Streetwalkers - Walking on Water 
 Clemen Pull - song title not known

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