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Monday December 29th 1969

friars aylesbury phase one - new friarage hall, walton street, aylesbury

Daddy Longlegs
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Daddy Longlegs
Moe Armstrong  Cliff Carrison  Steve Hayton  Kurt Palomaki  Peter Arnesen
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what happened?
Daddy Longlegs The band had imploded by 1970. Armstrong has suffered from forms of mental illness for over 30 years and now professionally helps other sufferers. Nothing further is known of Carrison. Steve Hayton died in 2006. Peter Arneson went on to play in Kala, which also featured Dave Codling and Shiva from Quintessence (who played Friars several times) as well as Carol Grimes (who played Friars with her London Boogie Band in 1976). Arneson but for hospitalisation would have played Friars again in 1975 as part of the Hunter Ronson Band and then did a lot of session work including the Rubettes (!) Palomaki gradually fell out of love with the music scene turning his hand to art

Additionally, Tim Sharman, Daddy Longlegs' manager, told the Friars Aylesbury website in 2008:

What can I say - Kurt is in North Carolina, painting, I am in Poland, Steve Hayton, guitarist supreme very sadly died about 18 months ago; but at least he made    the sixties dream - he was living for years on Tobago with a dusky maiden and a hammock with a view of the ocean. Moe Armstrong the 'vocalist', front man, turned out to be genuinely crazy and not just acting or tripping. But miraculously he got it together and is now a highly respected trainer of people who look after  other schizophrenics. He even had a presidential medal from Clinton. Drummer Cliff Carrison is lost but not reported deceased, as is the second guitarist Gary Holderman.  Pianist Pete Arnesen has returned to his Austrian roots and now teaches Jazz and Rock at the esteemed Mozarteum in Salzburg, where, in fact, he studied

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Daddy Longlegs - Live in Sweden

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