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The Clash
The Slits
Friday December 22nd 1978
Photographer credit: Tim Watts


This is Tim and Colleen on their way to the gig having visited a local photobooth! Second is Vomit, Colleen and two unknown girls at this gig:

Tim and friends

Persons unknown here except for Michelle and Lucylastic  Second photo is Vomit and unknown

Summer 2011 UPDATE! (Thanks Susie)

Colleen and Tim sent you photos from this gig and I know some of the unknown people in one of them.  It's the black and white photo of 9 girls including "Michelle" and "Lucylastik" and was taken downstairs in the ladies loo!

Bottom left with long dark hair, fake tiger skin skirt and black shirt is Sarah Doyle who was bass player in Lucy Lastic and the Bandaides and went to Aylesbury High School.

Middle bottom is Susie Sladewski (me) , singer with Lucy Lastic and went to Aylesbury High School

Bottom right is Jill Tomlinson who went to Aylesbury High School.

Top left blonde with drink unknown to me.

Top one in from left with Afro hairdo and baring her shoulders is Melanie Romaszowska who I believe went out with Colin Keinch (Vice Creems) for a while and she went to Aylesbury High School.

Top and second in from left with Afghan coat and fringe in her eyes is Julie Evans, Aylesbury High School.

I don't know the other three in the back row.

The Clash in action!

The Slits

A closer view of the Slits' Ari Up

And of Viv Albertine

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