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Saturday January 1st 1983

friars aylesbury phase three - maxwell hall, civic centre, market square, aylesbury

Gary Glitter
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Gary Glitter Saturday January 31st 1981 Wednesday December 23rd 1981  Saturday December 3rd 1983 Friday December 7th 1984
band line up
Gary Glitter
Gary Glitter (vocs) Gerry Shepherd (guitar) Pete Phipps and John White (drums John Springate (bass)  Harvey Ellison (sax)
Zero Zero
Jenz Poeniz (vocs/bass/keys), Gerald Klepka (vocs/guitar), Heinz Stieglitz (drums)
gig poster and flyer (click to enlarge flyer)


John Springate (Glitter Band):

"Gosh I remember the venue very well, it was a traditional gig that we very much looked forward to, well known through the 70's and early 80's, I wish them well with their website"

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what happened next
Gary Glitter in the 80s and 90s filled the UK's biggest arenas with his Gang Shows, but high profile misdemeanours, have seem him jailed in Britain, fleeing this country and currently jailed in Cambodia for child sex offences. Consequently he has been airbrushed out of pop history and is no longer heard on the radio or TV. In 2015 he was given a lengthy jail sentence for historical sex offences

The Glitter Band with originals John Springate and Pete Phipps are still going strong. Their stance is this:

"The Glitter Band were the musicians who backed Gary Glitter on his hit records under the direction of the late great Mike Leander, and then went on to have a string of international Top 10 hits in their own right, including Angel Face, Goodbye My Love and Let's Get Together Again

After many years living under the cloud of Gary Glitter's spectacular fall from grace, The Glitter Band are striking out and taking back the songs they performed on and that were the soundtrack to an entire generation

Those songs will NOT be allowed to disappear into the mists of time because of the actions of one selfish individual. SHOUT IT LOUD AND SHOUT IT PROUD, HEYYYY"

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Gary Glitter - Rock and Roll Part 2

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