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Tuesday December 8th 1981

friars aylesbury phase three - maxwell hall, civic centre, market square, aylesbury

exclusive friars aylesbury interview with jo callis

the only artist to play friars aylesbury whilst at number one in the singles chart

The Human League
Huang Chung
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The Human League Saturday September 16th 1978

Rezillos (Jo Callis) Friday December 30th 1977

DARE TOUR 1981: You're My Baby; Open Your Heart; Do Or Die; Circus of Death; Darkness; Don't You Want Me; Seconds; I Am The Law; A Crow and a Baby; Blind Youth; Marianne; Love Action; The Things That Dreams Are Made Of; Empire State Human; Sound of The Crowd; Destination Venus
band line up
The Human League
Philip Oakey (vocs)  Adrian Wright (keys/slides)  Susanne Sulley (vocs)  Joanne Catherall (vocs) Jo Callis (keys)  Ian Burden (keys) Jim Russell (keys)
Huang Chung
Jeremy Ryder Nick Feldman Darren Costin Dave Burnand
gig poster and flyer (click to enlarge flyer)

Webmaster, north Bucks

I remember seeing people I knew dressed up in New Romantic gear and make up and them looking at me as if their secret had been rumbled. I never followed fashion (apart from the bandÖha ha) and on seeing them was glad I didnít. I couldnít see myself in make up and a kilt. As for the League, well, this was THE day that Donít You Want Me made number one. Not that you would have known it as they made no fuss on stage. It was a strange gig to me as the songs didnít sound right, but then in fairness them doing this stuff live was a dare in itself. There was a nine screen background controlled by Adrian Wright. In tribute to Jo Callisí background as an ex-Rezillo, they did Destination Venus at the end

What could and should have been a great party experience seemed a little damp to me, but my memory could be playing tricks

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what happened next
The Human League went massive with the Dare album. Problems with the follow up album saw some of the gloss taken off because of the delay in new songs. However they have remained in vogue and still play big venues with new albums as at 2012.

Huang Chung became Wang Chung who had a big hit with Dance Hall Days in 1984

odds and trivia
This was the very day (pop charts were on Tuesdays then) that Don't You Want Me got to No 1 in the UK singles chart. This was the only occasion that an artiste played Friars whilst at Number 1 in the UK singles chart

Destination Venus was in the set to reference Jo Callis' background in The Rezillos and you're MY baby was a reference to ian burden's background

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Human League official site
sound and vision
The Human League - Don't You Want Me? (what else!) 
Huang Chung - Rising In The East

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