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Mike O'Connor

Founder and Webmaster of Friars website

Beware of the Friars Website, I am sure it's going to get you, yeah.

Blimey, what happened there?

It seems that this website has proved more popular than anticipated and so many of you have been happy to share memories and enjoy the content  - thank you all who have come along in your thousands and made this site such a success. And we've been featured in national magazines and Mojo have used some material on a couple of occasions.

The webstats prove that we have Friars members and just the plain curious all over the world. Whether you are in France, the US, Latvia, Brazil or Australia and all points in between, you are all very welcome and thank you for popping in.

Inspired by the Friars Aylesbury Cup awarded on rare occasions, I came up with the idea of Friars Heroes Awards and they have proved popular, I hope you feel that those who have and will receive them in 2010 are worthy recipients. The point was to remember and honour some very special people who have played Friars over the years, often very many times and it was just as important to acknowledge the contribution of Jonathan Kelly, Jack The Lad and Stackridge as much as it was Mott the Hoople, Marillion and The Jam. In 2010 you will be sure of a few more surprises.

I hope, if you have yet to do so, you may share your memories of Friars gigs and what Friars meant to you. To jog your memories, there are now more photos on this site than you can shake a stick at and more besides. Throughout 2010, I expect there to be more memorabilia and photo updates, so we won't fade away!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed, be it pictures, memories, posters etc, you've helped make the website what it is.

Thanks to all the artists who have provided memories and agreed to be interviewed - I have been lucky to talk to some very interesting characters.

To re-iterate again, there are many people without whom I would never have got going with this website, they know who they are – thank you.

Send this to your friends and link to your sites just to show people how great this place was out in the sticks in the Home Counties which is still held in great affection nearly 41 years after it all started..

Mike O’Connor  April 2010

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