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Very special songs in our history


There are some very special songs which mean a lot to the Friars story - just a few of them are here....and this list will be added to over time.

The first song heard at Friars

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising (played by DJ Andy Dunkley)

The first sounds to blast out at the Friarage Hall and Kris Needs appropriately made this the first song at the 40th anniversary gig in 2009

The first live song played at Friars

Mandrake Paddle Steamer - Cougar and Dark

Phase One and Two - before the main band

Genesis - Visions of Angels

Phase Two and Three - before the main band

Clifford T Ward - Dubious Circus Company

Phase Two - Standard Lamp and The Shades

Brian Keinch  David Stopps  Colin Keinch  Pete Doherty

Abba - Super Trouper  Cliff Richard - Travellin' Light

These gentlemen swept up after gigs whilst air guitaring (and being an imaginary band called Standard Lamp and The Shades) to some of their favourite songs: I am reliably informed that Abba and Cliff Richard were high on the list across Phases 2 and 3 and specifically these songs.....

Phase Three - before the main band

Fireballs - Quite a Party/Gunshot

David Bowie - Art Decade

Eric Clapton/Cream - Steppin' Out

Sandy Nelson - Let There Be Drums

Phase Three - last song performed at end of 1984

Marillion - Market Square Heroes

We thought that was the end of Friars - we were wrong! Technically, the last song actually performed at Friars before the 25 years hiatus was Auld Lang Syne

Phase Three - last song ever performed

Paul Weller - Town Called Malice

My word, what a way to bow out!

Phase Three - last song ever heard

Mott the Hoople - Saturday Gigs



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