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Monday June 2nd 1969

friars aylesbury phase one - new friarage hall, walton street, aylesbury

exclusive friars interview with mike cooper

mike cooper and mandrake paddle steamer inducted into friars hall of fame in 2009

Mike Cooper
Mandrake Paddle Steamer
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Mike Cooper Saturday March 28th 1970 - Wycombe Arts Festival (Friars organised)

Mandrake Paddle Steamer Monday June 1st 2009 - Paul Riordan received friars heroes award on stage

Couger and Dark; SloBo; October Country; Blitz; Overspill; The East Wing; Solitaire Husk Carmen
band line up
Mandrake Paddle Steamer
 Brian Engel  Martin Briley  Martin Hooker  Barry Nightingale Paul Riordan
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Mike Cooper: I'm not good at recalling gigs that far back. I did so many in those days they all blurred into one after a least in my memory. I also have no recollection of that other band at all (that'll be Mandrake Paddle Steamer then ! - Ed). I was probably in the bar...arrogant little fuckwit that I was. Funny you mention Lol (Coxhill) though...he was from Aylesbury. We will tour together as The Recedents in the UK in July...but not Aylesbury alas.

Paul Riordan, Mandrake Paddle Steamer:Mike Cooper was one of my inspirations when I was starting out - I have a couple of his EP's' - and of course can remember seeing him at Friars -  I was trying to convince the  band to listen - but none of them were into all that 'blues stuff

Mike Cooper, after we pointed out that he was an inspiration to the Mandrakes: I apologise to those guys and say thanks!

David Stopps in an email to Mike Cooper 2008 (reproduced with kind permission of David Stopps)

I can completely understand your difficulty in recalling a single Monday night gig back then on 2nd June 1969. There must have been so many of them and it was nearly 39 years ago!

For us though it was a hugely important show. It was our very first. The week after you headlined we had the Pretty Things and the week after that it was Free. In the 15 years that followed we presented Genesis, The Clash, Captain Beefheart, U2 and hundreds of others.

But it was your gig that started us all off.

Just a big thank you for that and its great to hear you are still touring.

Gerald Saunders, Friars fan: I have membership number 50 from the Mandrake Paddle Steamer + Mike Cooper gig. I won the Mike Cooper Album - all signed -. stupidly lent it to someone at Wycombe College and never saw it again

odds and trivia
Brian Engel eventually joined The New Seekers.
what happened?
Mike Cooper has lived in Italy for some time and is still making music and playing live with his own brand of improvised music. He received a Heroes Award in 2009 and has also been interviewed on this website.

The Mandrakes are now geographically diverse and also received a Heroes Award in 2009.

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Mike Cooper official site
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Mike Cooper - Sitting Here Watching 
Mandrake Paddle Steamer - Strange Walking Man

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