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Oh lordy, where do I start?

Firstly and very importantly, there would have been no website without the assistance and support of my family and David Stopps and Judy Pearce.

Very special thanks to David Stopps, John Braley, Robin Pike (without whom there may well have been no Friars), Kris Needs and Peter Davidson and Derek Pelling at the Bucks Herald for their invaluable help and support. Big thanks also to founding father Adrian Roach for repeating his special 1972 Friars talent for us and also for providing the very early flyers for this site. Big thanks to another founding father Jerry Slater for the early billboard posters and some tickets and other memorabilia.

A monstrously huge special thanks to Judy Pearce who provided nearly all the flyers for this site. This was probably the biggest fillip I could have had when I wasn't totally sure where this was going and stopped me banging my head on the wall.

Thanks also to Steve Upstone who had started a history of Friars and sent me his documentation.

Individual credits:


 Nearly all from Judy Pearce, others provided by the webmaster, David Stopps, Rob Lehmann, Adrian Roach, Keith Bradbury, Mike Grant and Simon Quincey, Don Stone and Mr Fudge. Also thanks to Tony Flower (for flyers missing from 1977/78 and odds from 1980-1984).

Billboard posters 

 - All sourced from the David Stopps archive except thanks to Chris Loon (Toyah, Teardrop Explodes 1982, Pretenders 1981), David Bentley (Squeeze 1982), Richard Burt (Madness 1979), Andy Kinch, Simon Quincey (Solstice, Genesis 1980, Camel 1981, Marillion 1983, China Crisis 1983, Otway 1982, King Crimson 1981, Kid Creole Oct 1982, Gary Glitter 1984), Jerry Slater (1969), Keith Bradbury (Dr Feelgood May 1975), John Hodgeson, John Sanders/Dayna Karas (Wire 1979), Bonzi (Killing Joke 1981, X-Mal Deutschland 1984, Sisters of Mercy 1984), Martin Baker (Slade 1981)

Thanks also to Keith for the 1973 birthday memorabilia and courtesy.


sourced mainly from the David Stopps archive, except Bowie 72, Cockney Rebel August 74 and Eurythmics (thanks Richard Burt),Stiff Little Fingers 1979 (Clive Weedon), John Martyn 1981 (thanks Andre Kreutzmann), Pink Floyd 1969, Colisseum 1969, Procol Harum 1970 (all Jerry Slater), King Crimson 1981 (Gerard Boland), X-Mal Deutschland (Mark Wright), Grandmaster Flash (Richard, surname unknown), Altered Images 1982, Nine Below Zero 1982, Pretenders 1981, Kinks 1982, Blues Band 1982, Squeeze 1982, Marillion 1982/1983/1984, Blancmange 1983, Orange Juice 1983, Howard Jones 1983/4 (all from the webmaster), Marillion Dec 1983 (Andrew Mian), Joboxers, Big Country 1983 (Bonzi)

Thanks also to Simon for the FA Poll Results and autographed SLF flyer, along with our friends at UK Decay HQ. Thanks to Chris Booker for some updated lineups and setlists

Thanks to Graham and Wendy Britten for the SLF 1980 autograph scans.

Thanks to Andy King for the Tangerine Dream memorabilia.


Huge very big thanks to Geoff Tyrell and Don Stone in particular for allowing use of their photo collections - hugely important collections in documenting Friars history. Massive thanks to Mark Jordan for providing a stunning gallery we couldn't have believe existed and this helped make the Friars Exhibition in 2014 what it was.

Thanks to John Braley for use of his photos (mostly of Geoff Tyrrell origin). Other photos courtesy of Andy Kinch (PTO)  Les Payne (Mainland), Brian Godding (Blossom Toes), Kris Needs (Graham Bond, Cockney Rebel, Dr Feelgood). Thanks to Les for delving in his scrapbook for press cuttings for the site and for an enjoyable afternoon in his company. Big thanks to Gary Leeson for retrieving the photos of many gigs 1978-1981. Thanks to Tim and Colleen Watts (Clash/Slits/Siouxsie 1978/SLF 1979). Thanks to Bob Surguy (Sore Willies 1980). Thanks to Sue Greensmith for some early 1969-74 pictures. Steven Daglish (Mott The Hoople 1973/Cockney Rebel 1974) Ian Parry for use of Eurthymics 1983 and Ian Dury/Nick Heyward 1984 Thanks to Simon Quincey for the Ian Dury/Fiction Factory 1984

Thanks to Andrew Mian for photographs (mostly of Geoff Tyrell origin) of Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Toyah and Joe Jackson.

Thanks to Martin Percival for the 1994 Friars Exhibition pictures.

Thanks to Richie Unterburger for research assistance of some of the obscurities(!)

For 2009 gig photos, very special thanks to Russ Naylor, Neale Wareham, Chris and Mary Payne/Radio London

A big thanks to Russ Naylor and Neale Wareham especially for their photographic support of all the 'new' Friars gigs.

Remembering the Civic Centre gallery: Big thanks to Stuart Robb, Joss O'Kelly and Karl Vaughan (who allowed me to use pictures from his Aylesbury Remembered Facebook site of the demolition)

Thanks to Graham Britten for the extensive NME cuttings 1978-1980

Very big thanks to Derek Pelling at the Bucks Herald for all his assistance allowing me unhindered access to the Herald's negatives archives (2011)

Original "40" logo - Steve Cripps.

Thanks to Luca Alberici for the Genesis ad cuttings.

Thanks to those webmasters who allowed me to use material and who are linking this site to theirs - we've linked to them in the artiste pages.

Big respect to Kelvin Lambourne for having a Friars tattoo done (pictures on the site)

Big thanks to Gordon Wilmot for helping test the new site in May 2012 and finding some of the problems I hadn't.

A very big thank you to the artistes who have contributed to this site. It was a very big (and almost unreasonable) ask to go back 40 years in some cases. Big thanks to the artistes who also agreed to be interviewed.

Big thanks also to those members who have written pieces for the site.

and....thanks to the 87,000 members, without whom.......sorry, let's now make that over 90,000 as at 2015!


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