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Saturday December 11th 1976

friars aylesbury phase three - vale hall, civic centre, market square, aylesbury

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The Stranglers
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band line up
The Stranglers
Hugh Cornwell (vocs/guitar)  Jean Jacques Burnel (vocs/bass)  Dave Greenfield (keys) Jet Black (drums)
Danny Adler (guitar) Julian Scott (bass) Justin Hildreth (drums) Nick Plytas (keys)
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Jet Black, interviewed for the Friars Aylesbury website in 2011:

I can confirm that Friars is the only gig in the band's 37 year history where a bottle landed on my head and broke into a million pieces.  I've been like this since then.  Thanks Friars!!

Gary Leeson, Friars fan

Friars was not only the scene of some of  my most happy musical memories it was also the scene of one of  the  most embarrassing moments of my life. After a fairly unmemorable set by Roogalator I had to heed the call of nature, so headed downstairs to the toilets, they were crowded with fans having a last minute wee before the Stranglers came on.

Job done, I picked up the loose loo roll and horrors of horrors it fell from my grasp and in classic slow motion, bounced off the end of my boot and rolled out under the door.  The noise outside the cubicle subsided for a few seconds before the cheering, sniggering and laughing started, my street credability evaporated in seconds. Luckily I still held the end of the loo roll and slowly started to reel it back in to the sounds of course and witty remarks together with banging on the door as fans made their way back to the hall.

I was so embarrassed that I didn't leave the cubicle until the Stranglers were well into their set. I found my mates who all assumed that I had passed out in true rock n roll style some where in the Civic, I never did tell them the real reason for my disappearance.

David Stopps, writing for the Friars Aylesbury website in 2011:

Last week I reminded Hugh Cornwell that he said to the audience "If you don't like us tell your MP. What'll he do? Nothin'" He was amazed that I could remember it word for word. He was actually very nice and chatty...not the aggressive angry young man I remembered 

press cuttings

From the Aylesbury Roxette 1976 - click to enlarge


what happened next
39 years later The Stranglers are still going strong having become a massive band one year after this gig. Cornwell left in 1990.

Roogalator had disbanded by 1978.

odds and trivia
The Stranglers were promoted to headliners at the eleventh hour after Deaf School pulled out through illness. Roogalator supported at short notice. Roogalator were managed by Robin Scott (he of M and Pop Muzik fame). Nick Plytas went on to play with many great musicians including Heaven 17, Tina Turner and Joan Armadtrading amongst others.
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sound and vision
The Stranglers - Grip 
Roogalator - Love and The Single Girl

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