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Tuesday October 14th 1975

friars aylesbury phase three - maxwell hall, civic centre, market square, aylesbury

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Tangerine Dream
No support - Tangerine Dream played two sets
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band line up
Tangerine Dream
Edgar Froese (electronics), Chris (Christoph) Franke (electronics) Peter Baumann (electronics)
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Thanks to Andy King for the 1975 tour programme and some of the adverts below

press cuttings

what happened next
Tangerine Dream with Froese still at the helm remained active up to Froese's death in January 2015
odds and trivia
The gear used at this Friars gig: (thanks Andy King)

An approximate list of the equipment Tangerine Dream used at Aylesbury, Friars Vale hall in 1975

Edgar Froese:
Mark V (double Keyboard) Mellotron

M400 Mellotron (capable of producing three different sounds)
PPG1002 synthesizer
Upright Piano

White Fender Stratocaster Guitar
EMS VCS3 synthesiser

Synthanorma Sequencer (connected to the EMS VCS 3)
ITA Mixer (10 into 4 channels)
2 X 200W Marantz Amps
4 X Expo speakers
Revox A77 Echo machine (with Dolby noise reduction)

Chris Franke:

Moog 3P modular system (plus 960 sequential controllers) sequencers. 


*By this time the Moog was built into a single large cabinet to make it easier to be set up at concerts.

 During their 1975 tour of Australia (earlier in the year) this cabinet was accidentally shipped upside down,

the upshot being that the heavy transformers fell off in transit. 

When the Moog was later plugged in Chris Franke received an almost fatal electric shock

and the circuitry was instantly burnt out, practically ruining the entire tour.


Controller keyboard
M400 Mellotron

EMS Synthi A synthesiser modified by
Hof-Schneider in Berlin
Elka Rhapsody 610 String Synthesiser

Phaser (Compact A Phaser) made by Gert Schulte Audio Elektronik.
Computer controlled Rhythm programmer (EKP Computer-rhythm?)
TFE mixer (16 into 4 channels)
4 X K+H 200W slave Amps
4 X Altec Lansing A7-500 speakers

EMS 'QUEG' Quadrophonic Effects generator?


Peter Baumann:

M400 Mellotron

3 Cabinet Modular Synthesiser containing Moog, Projekt Elektronik and PPG modules,

including Moog 960 sequencers

EMS Synthi A synthesiser modified by Hof-Schneider Berlin

Elka Rhapsody 610 String Synthesiser

ARP 2600 synthesiser

Projekt Elektronik or PPG? Custom controller keyboard

Revox A77 Echo machine (with Dolby noise reduction)

TFE mixer (16 into 4 channels)


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Tangerine Dream live at Coventry cathedral just before the Friars gig

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