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Friday September 19th 1969

friars aylesbury phase one - friars auditorium, borough assembly hall, market square, aylesbury


Third Ear Band
Graham Bond didn't show up so Third Ear Band headlined and played two sets
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band line up
Third Ear Band
Glen Sweeney  Paul Minns  Richard Coff  Mel Davis  Ursula Smith
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odds and trivia
Played at the Rolling Stones Hyde Park gig in 1969 to 650,000 people

John Peel played Jew's Harp on their first album. Third Ear Band also provided the soundtrack to Polanski's 1971 version of Macbeth

Graham Bond was meant to play this gig as per adverts but never showed up.

what happened?
Third Ear Band: From Sean Breadin in 2008

I think it's fair to say that with the passing of Glen Sweeney some years back the Third Ear Band are now a thing of the past, though interest in the band continues and a healthy discography remains available on both CD & vinyl - as a search through ebay will reveal, likewise the collectability of their earlier works.  Plans are even afoot for a tribute Fourth Ear Band, with Glen's wife's blessing...

Looking at my sources (i.e. Luca Ferrari's Third Ear Gig List that forms an essential part of his Necromancers of the Drifting West booklet) I might surmise that the lineup on that occasion was Glen Sweeney, Paul Minns, Richard Coff and Ursula Smith on cello, who joined in the July of 1969 (replacing Paul Buckmaster, who replaced Mel Davis).  In Third Ear History line-ups are as fleeting and as ephemeral as the music, but that quartet assumed a semi-permanence and recorded not only their second album for Harvest, but also the music for a German animaton by Fuchs (Abelarde & Heloise) and some memorable sessions for the BBC.  I see you've linked to one of Will's little films there too; if you link to his SEA  film, the soundtrack is taken from one of the BBC sessions featuring the quartet with Smith.

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Third Ear Band - Stone Circle

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