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Monday February 16th 1969

friars aylesbury phase one - new friarage hall, walton street, aylesbury

Black Sabbath
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Possibly: Paranoid; Iron Man; N.I.B.; Black Sabbath; Walpurgis; Hand of Doom; Fairies Wear Boots; Behind the Wall of Sleep; Rat Salad
band line up
Black Sabbath
John 'Ozzy' Osbourne (vocs), Tony Iommi (guitar)  Terry 'Geezer' Butler (bass)  Bill Ward (drums)
Bill Stallwood (vocs) Nigel Harrison (bass) Mick Barnard (guitar) Paul Hammond (drums) Pete Tyson (sax/flute)
gig poster and flyer (click to enlarge flyer)



Black Sabbath replaced Freddie King at the last minute

Geezer Butler  "Unfortunately, I don't remember too much about that gig , but I'm sure we were delighted to be asked to play there, as gigs back then before the first album's success were few, and we were always grateful of being asked to play. I'll ask Tony Iommi if he remembers, he seems to have a better memory than the rest of us. Good luck with your project"

odds and trivia
This wasn't the first time Freddie King pulled a gig at the last minute at Friars - he repeated the stunt in 1974.
what happened?
Black Sabbath  went on to become a hugely successful band and tour and record in one format or another (currently Heaven and Hell) today. The original line up occasionally reformed for one of Osbourne's Ozzfests. Osbourne became a household name into the 21st century not for his music, but as the star, with his family, in MTV reality show The Osbournes. So much so that Osbourne and Tony Iommi played together at Buckingham Palace in 2002 as part of the Queens' Golden Jubilee celebrations. The original line up toured again in 2012 with a new album, but Tony Iommi has health issues restricting his appearances and Bill Ward's participation ended in recriminations. They headlined Hyde Park in 2014.
official web presence
Ozzy Osbourne official site Tony Iommi official website Bill Ward official website Geezer Butler official website
sound and vision
Black Sabbath - Iron Man

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