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Saturday March 11th 1978

friars aylesbury phase three - vale hall, civic centre, market square, aylesbury


the radiators from space
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Motorhead Saturday August 6th 1977  Saturday March 31st 1979 Thursday October 23rd 1980
band line up
Ian 'Lemmy' Kilminster (vocs/bass) 'Fast' Eddie Clarke (guitar)  Phil'thy Animal' Taylor (drums)
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Kris Needs, writing in Zig Zag, April 1978 (reproduced with permission of Kris Needs)

"A well full house proving that Motorhead can pull 'em in anytime without a recent record release (over six months since the last album) or media favours. At least half the hall seem to be wearing the silver-and-black war-pig Motorhead t-shirt and a good few have come from way out of town like they do for most Motorhead gigs. Faithful Motorheads Melanie and Karen are well-pleased cos tonight the group are playing their gig, which means they don't have to make a long thumb-crawl to somewhere like Hull.

In the bar about a dozen of the fans cluster attentively 'round Lemmy, bass, vocals and Motorfigurehead, who signs the photos thrust in front of him and answers the barrage of "Hey Lemmy, when ya gonna play High Wycombe?"s. (Last time they played here Lemmy was out on the steps chatting to the punters and making the queuing easy). Lemmy is a Great Bloke and, I hate to use such well-worn phrase, a real (ahem) Man of the People. He'll talk to anyone anytime about anything no secret group vices indulged behind closed doors and maybe two chosen fans allowed in for a look-the-other-way autograph here. Any indulgences Lemmy will most likely keep in the open and share anyway.

They pumped out Motorhead cold turkey antidotes like 'Vibrator', 'The Watcher', 'White Line Fever', 'Lost Johnny' and 'Keep Us On the Road', from the first album, and also unleashed some new gut-stakers like 'Damage Case' and 'Tore Me Up' (I think), which is gonna be the next single probably (maybe with Island, the Chiswick deal was for just one LP and one single). In fact as I write the Motorheads should be in the studio branding tape with the new anthems.

Even when they whip out the whirling cop car lights and rolling dry ice it's OK cos it goes with the heaving power rampaging off the stage and no way can Motorhead's HM be lumped in with the strutting preeny-bopper satin-trouser mob from the USA, or even the tiresome drama of our own highly-boring Judas Priest et al. Lemmy's mob could turn their brains to porridge in five seconds"

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what happened next
Motorhead were still packing halls in 2015 but the band ended with Lemmy's untimely death in December 2015. Phil Taylor also died in 2015

Philip Chevron from The Radiators from Space went on to join The Pogues

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