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Saturday June 12th 1976

friars aylesbury phase three - vale hall, civic centre, market square, aylesbury

friars aylesbury seventh birthday party

mott the hoople inducted into the friars heroes hall of fame in  2009

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exclusive friars aylesbury interview with morgan fisher

John Butler Band
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Mott Saturday September 27th 1975

Mott the Hoople  Monday December 8th 1969 Monday February 2nd 1970 Monday May 4th 1970  Saturday September 4th 1971  Saturday February 10th 1973  Friars Bedford Thursday 1st January 1970  Thursday 26th November Friars High Wycombe Tuesday 29th September 1970 Friars Dunstable   Friday September 15th 1972

Hunter Ronson Band Wednesday March 19th 1975

Ian Hunter's Overnight Angels Saturday June 11th 1977 

British Lions (Dale Griffin/Overend Watts/Morgan Fisher and guest appearance by Ian Hunter) Friday December 23rd 1977

band line up
 Ray Major (guitar)  Morgan Fisher (keys)  Nigel Benjamin (vocs)  Dale Griffin (drums)  Overend Watts (bass)
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Morgan Fisher, Mott

I don't really have any specific memories/memorabilia re Friars, except that I always enjoyed playing there. Of course next year (2009) is the 40th anniversary of the formation of Mott. That would be the time to reform for a world tour... No offers have come in yet - we need to get those 87,000 ex-Friars members clamouring for it!

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what happened next
Mott the Hoople split in 1974, not before Hunter brought out the highly acclaimed 'Diary of a Rock and Roll Star' book. Ian Hunter still records and tours to this day (the webmaster saw him in 2007/2008 and he was on blistering form, with Terry Allen joining him on stage in 2007). Hunter played Friars in 1975 as the Hunter Ronson Band with the late Mick Ronson and in 1977 as Ian Hunter's Overnight Angels. The remainder of Mott the Hoople carried on as Mott with a couple of line up changes (see date links above) Hunter also provided a guest appearance at the British Lions (remains of Mott with John Fiddler from Medicine Head) gig in Dec1977. Mick Ralphs, post MTH, joined Bad Company with Free's Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke. Dale Griffin continued into the Mott and British Lions periods (both of whom played Friars) and then became a Radio 1 producer and is now in ill health. Verden Allen was still making music as at 2002 (and in fact 2007 as we saw him play with Hunter on his UK tour). As as for Overend, his history is not so well defined.

Mott the Hoople with the original 1969 line up reformed for 40th anniversary shows in October 2009 at the Hammersmith Apollo. Some of the Friars team were there and can confirm it was a sublime experience.

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