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Wednesday March 19th 1975

friars aylesbury phase two - borough assembly hall, market square, aylesbury

ian hunter inducted into the friars heroes hall of fame in 2009


Hunter Ronson Band
warren harry & the yum yum band
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Warren Harry 

Saturday 17th May 1975 Saturday 13th September 1975  Saturday 27th December 1975  Saturday 9th April 1977

Likely setlist: Once Bitten Twice Shy; Lounge Lizard; Angel No.9; Growing Up and I’m Fine; Who Do You Love?White Light/White Heat; BoyPlay Don’t Worry; The Truth, the Whole Truth, Nuthin’ but the Truth; Roll Away the Stone; Slaughter on 10th Avenue; The Golden Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll; All the Way from Memphis;  All the Young Dudes; The Girl Can’t Help It
band line up
Hunter Ronson Band
Ian Hunter Mick Ronson
Warren Harry and the Yum Yum Band
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Ian Hunter:   

         I was a big mate of Pete Frame’s, who said to come with him to the club. Pete had my dog when we left to come to the States. I always liked Stoppsy, in those days of strange promoters he was one of the good ones at that time

We always seemed to have a great time there: One of those gigs which became entrenched in your memory for some stupid reason. We did hundreds of gigs like that but, for some reason, that one would stick out. It just became this very special gig that was up the M1. There were hundreds of ‘em but some that stuck out. Friars was one of ‘em. Great little club

Ian Hunter, on his website, responding to this website's webmaster in 2008:     

 "Well, it was Pete Frame, Dave Stopps and Kris Needs territory wasn't it? I met Dave Stopps on the Ringo tour (he manages Howard Jones) and Kris and Pete came to a recent gig in Milton Keynes (Spring 2008 - we were there too!). (Friars) itself was great but like I say I remember the people - 'Zig Zag' and all that"

Ian Hunter, quoted in the Aylesbury Roxette (talking to Radio 1), summer 1976:

"Aylesbury is like a little San Francisco. It's one of those places where everything seems to start...I don't know what it is, but the people there seem to sense what's going to happen. I know Mott the Hoople happened in Aylesbury long before anywhere else, and it was the same for David Bowie. Everybody seems to be friendly, and they make you feel good - and whenever I played there, I felt like an old friend being welcomed home. In fact the atmosphere of Aylesbury got to me to such an extent that I was seriously considering moving there at one time...but then I moved to America instead."

Gary Leeson, Friars fan

Casually glancing through one of the national music papers one day I noticed an ad for the Hunter Ronson Tour, being a Mott/Bowie fan I scanned the list of venues with anticipation, I couldn’t believe my eyes there it was, 19.3.75 Friars Aylesbury, this was amazing, but amazement was quickly replaced by panic, questions raced through my mind, when are tickets going on sale ? will I get one ? 

To my relief, I managed to score a couple of tickets. I remember the excitement and buzz of everyone queuing in the alley way leading to the BAH. Once in I noticed that extra lighting and PA equipment had been brought in, more than other Friars gigs I had attended, all this just added to the excitement this gig was generating

The music they played as far as I can remember was from Ian Hunter's brilliant first solo album and Mick Ronson's excellent Slaughter On Tenth Avenue album along with some Mott numbers. I recall a lot of fans including myself being in awe that these two “Rock Stars” were playing such a small venue.   A review in Melody Maker by Chris Welch mentioned that the gig was so loud that people were rolling around the floor with bleeding ears, I can’t recall anything as dramatic as that but it was certainly an unforgettable gig


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what happened next
Hunter continues to make and tour music as at 2013 including the Mott the Hoople reunion in 2009. Mick Ronson died in 1993.

Warren Harry died in March 2008

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Hunter and Ronson - Once Bitten Twice Shy
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