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Friday August 30th 1979

friars aylesbury phase three - maxwell hall, civic centre, market square, aylesbury

pictures from this gig in the galleries

exclusive friars aylesbury interview with david rhodes


Peter Gabriel
Random Hold
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  LIKELY SETLIST: Biko; On The Air; DIY; Humdrum; No Self Control; White Shadow; Mother Of Violence; Modern Love; Moribund The Burghermeister; Perspective; Solsbury Hill
band line up
Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel (vocs/keys)  Tony Levin (bass)  Jerry Marotta (drums)  Larry Fast (guitar)  Phil Collins (vocs)  David Jackson (sax)
Random Hold
David Rhodes (guitar/vocs)  David Ferguson (keys) Simon Ainley (guitar) Bill MacCormick (bass) David Leach (drums)
gig poster and flyer (click to enlarge flyer)

The flyer was just one sided - a real rarity!




Peter Gabriel, quoted in the Bucks Herald in 1979 after the show (below) said

"(Friars) is the best gig in the country"

David Rhodes (Random Hold):

I remember supporting Peter Gabriel. It was a very friendly crowd, and a good place. David Stopps was very kind and supportive. Now, just thinking about it, we (RH), played a good version of Montgomery Clift there, very solid and heavy.

When we supported Peter, I remember watching his show, and wishing I was up there.

Pictures courtesy of Andrew Mian (originally from Bucks Herald)


press cuttings


Two subtly different local adverts. The local papers had a field day with the news that Gabriel was coming to town. Well it had been a while.

what happened next
Peter Gabriel is and always will be a Friars hero. After 1979, he continued to go from strength to strength as a solo artiste, along the way producing some unforgettable material such as the haunting "Biko" and the video legend that is "Sledgehammer" (although these are not his best works in our humble opinion). His productivity on record at least has not been quick, but this is tempered with the other good works that he does with other artistes (check out Paula Cole for example), Womad etc. He is arguably more responsible for the wider acceptance of world music in this country than any other artiste. He also helped develop the music downloading systems we take as second nature today. He briefly reunited with Genesis in 1982 to raise money for Womad and declined the offer to reform with Genesis in 2007 although he apparently hasn't completely ruled it out. He played UK dates with an orchestra in 2011 and continues to do that in 2012. in 2013 he brings his so tour to the uk

Tony Levin played Friars in 1981 with King Crimson.

Random Hold lasted a couple of albums and played Friars again later in 1979. David Rhodes soon got his wish though....he has been Peter Gabriel's guitarist, live and on record for the last 25 years and also played at Friars in 1983 with Blancmange

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Peter Gabriel  - Biko at Reading two days after this gig 

Random Hold - Tunnel Vision

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