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Saturday October 29th 1977

friars aylesbury phase three - maxwell hall, civic centre, market square, aylesbury

exclusive friars aylesbury interview with ray laidlaw

equal headlining


Alan Hull's Radiator and


No support but Illusion played first
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Renaissance Monday August 25th 1969  Monday December 1st 1969

Illusion  Saturday July 23rd 1977

Jack The Lad (Ray Laidlaw) Saturday July 7th 1973 Saturday April 27th 1974 Saturday February 1st 1975 Saturday February 7th 1976 Saturday September 25th 1976 Saturday July 9th 1977

Lindisfarne (Alan Hull/Ray Laidlaw) Friday July 2nd 1971 Saturday January 3rd 1981 Friars Dunstable Thursday October 25th 1973

Shoot (Jim McCarty) Saturday January 20th 1973

band line up
Alan Hull (vocs/guitar)  Ray Laidlaw (drums) Kenny Craddock (keys)  Terry Popple (drums)  Colin Gibson (bass) Pete Kirtley (guitar)
Jane Ref (vocs) John Hawken (piano) Jim McCarty (drums) John Knightsbridge (guitar) Louis Cennamo (bass)
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Ray Laidlaw, Radiator

Bit of a tall order this one. I can't remember much detail but I have very fond memories of Friars, both venues, the first one being the most whacky. I've got a feeling that the first time Lindisfarne played there we were a last minute replacement for another band, it may have been David Bowie (it was the Faces in 1971 in fact - Ed.) I remember a lot of disgruntled punters in the pub grumbling about having to watch 'some bloody folk group'. As it happened a lot of them stayed and we went down really well. I think David Stopps must have had close links with Charisma records because all of the bands on the label, Genesis, Van Der Graaf, Audience etc seemed to get booked at Friars on a regular basis. As I said, I can't recall much detail, just lots of bonhomie, great audience reaction, good crack in the pub before and after, interesting herbal aromas and lots of bearded blokes and rustic hippie chicks.  Happy daze indeed.

Jim McCarty (Illusion)

Friars was a good "old fashioned" gig that hadn't changed much since the 60`s. If I remember by 1976 (Illusion gigs) there weren't many of those venues left. There were either little clubs or huge venues. Friars always had that sort of "hippie" vibe. Quite different to the punk thing happening at the time.

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what happened next
Radiator lasted only one album and Lindisfarne reformed in 1978 having a hit with Run For Home. Alan Hull died in 1995
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Alan Hull - I Hate To See You Cry 
illusion - Beautiful Country

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