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Monday January 25th 1982

friars aylesbury phase three - maxwell hall, civic centre, market square, aylesbury

The Teardrop Explodes
the ravishing beauties
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The Teardrop Explodes Saturday June 27th 1981
Like Leila Khaled Said; Seven Views Of Jerusalem; Ha Ha I'm Drowning; Falling Down Around Me; Log Cabin; ... and The Fighting Takes Over; Passionate Friend; Bouncing Babies; Suffocate; Tiny Children; You Disappear From View; Clematis; Books; Treason (It's Just A Story); Poppies Are In The Field; Colours Fly Away; Reward; The Culture Bunker; Screaming Secrets; Sleeping Gas
band line up
The Teardrop Explodes
Julian Cope (vocs  Ron Francois (bass) Gary Dwyer (drums)  Troy Tate (guitar)  Dave Balfe  (keys)
The Ravishing Beauties
Virginia Astley  Kate St John  Nicky Holland
gig poster and flyer (click to enlarge flyer)




One of those very very rare occasions when I remember more about the support band. I also remember they had a song called Arctic Death which was quite haunting and I am sure that John Peel played it. I have never been able to find it since anywhere to listen to again (i have now! as at march 2013)

As for the Teardrops, I am not certain what happened to the band and the audience since their triumphant appearance six months earlier. Promoting the Wilder album, this performance seemed a little listless and the crowd knew it too. No hysteria this time

press cuttings

what happened next
The Teardrop Explodes         

   Acrimoniously fell apart a year later. Almost reunited at the 2010 Mojo Awards but whilst the rest of the band turned up, Cope didnít

Ravishing Beauties     

    Had disbanded by June 1982. Astley had a solo career and has written a musical.  Hollandís vocal and keyboard skills can be heard on the likes of records by Cyndi Lauper and Celine Dion amongst others. kate st john went on to be part of dream academy

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The Teardrop Explodes - Passionate Friend 
  Ravishing Beauties -Peel Session 82

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