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Friars Bedford

Saturday December 18th 1971

 addison centre, addison howard park, kempston, bedford

exclusive friars aylesbury interview with john otway


phillip goodhand tait  john otway
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Otway and Barrett

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John Otway

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Philip Goodhand Tait 

Friars Aylesbury Saturday April 17th 1971 Saturday October 30th 1971  Friars Watford Thursday May 6th 1971 Friars Dunstable Wednesday October 30th 1972

band line up
Mike Patto  Ollie Halsall  John Halsey  Clive Griffiths
gig poster and flyer (click to enlarge flyer)






press cuttings

Melody Maker press cutting (thanks Neil Storey)


press cuttings
what happened next
Despite touring with credible acts such as Joe Cocker and The Faces, major success eluded Patto and they fell apart in 1973. They did reunite in 1975 and morphed effectively into Boxer. Mike Patto died in 1979 after a long illness.
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Patto fansite Ollie Halsall official site
sound and vision
Patto - Hold Me Back 
Phillip Goodhand Tait - Oceans Away 
John Otway - Headbutts

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