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Saturday February 20th 1982

friars aylesbury phase three - vale hall, civic centre, market square, aylesbury

 otway and barrett and marillion inducted into the friars heroes hall of fame in 2009

exclusive interviews with john otway, fish, mick pointer, pete trewavas, mark kelly and mike carroll


Otway and Barrett
marillion  cruise  no nonsense
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MARILLION: The Web; Garden Party; The Institution Waltz; Three Boats Down From The Candy; Forgotten Sons; Margaret; Charting The Single
band line up
Otway and Barrett
John Otway (guitar/vocs)  Willy Barrett (guitar)
Fish (vocs)  Pete Trewavas (bass)  Steve Rothery (guitar)  Mark Kelly (keys)  Mick Pointer (drums)
Mike Carroll (vocs)  Pete Lumley (drums)
No  Nonsense
 Lewis Herbert (vocs) George Ellis (guitar) Crispin Payne (drums) Chares Latty (bass)
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 Pete Lumley, Cruise

Thought I'd drop you a line after looking on the Friars website.  I played drums with Cruise who supported Marillion in the 80's, great site and took me back! I'm still playing drums with The Powders and supported John Otway in 2006 at Hobbles on the Cobbles which also took me back as the last time I played there was 1976!

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what happened next
Marillion were the biggest thing out of Aylesbury for years and by the mid eighties were filling huge arenas. Fish left the band in 1988 and has since released a considerable number of solo albums and is still touring. Marillion employed Steve Hogarth as their new singer and nearly 20 years on, retain a loyal and big fanbase which paid for one album to be made in return for credit on the sleeve. Their style has changed with only an occasional nod back to the Fish era

In 2007, Fish headlined Aylesbury's Hobble on the Cobble annual event, finally being able to sing Market Square Heroes in the Market Square. What made this particularly noteworthy and indeed very newsworthy was that he replaced his band for this song with Messrs Kelly, Rothery, Trewavas and Mosley making this the first 'classic' Marillion performance in nearly 20 years.

In 2013 Marillion came back and played one of the most sensational concerts in Friars history attracting an audience from all over the world.

Otway, solo, and with Barrett continues to gig as 2015 with his special brand of humour.

Mike Carroll of Cruise continues to record and play live.

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