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Thursday May 25th 1978

friars aylesbury phase three - maxwell hall, civic centre, market square, aylesbury

   otway and barrett inducted into the friars heroes hall of fame in 2009

exclusive friars aylesbury interview with john otway

Otway and BARRETT
The Smirks  The Untouchables (Anal Surgeons)
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band line up
Otway and Barrett
John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett
The Smirks
Simon Miner (vocs/guitar) Neil Fitzpatrick (guitar) Mike Doherty (drums) Ian Morris (bass)
The Untouchables
Phil Seaton  Mick Sinclair
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 Phil Seaton (The Anal Surgeons):

'I was a member of The Anal Surgeons and of Friars [from Jan 1974] I knew the venue well having seen many bands there [also at the previous venue] so to play was a great treat for me. We had already played all the gigs in the Chris France empire, and were friendly with John (Otway) and Willy (Barrett). It was interesting to see things from the artistes perspective [the sign at the rear said Artistes Entrance  which caused much joy amongst the band.] we had a proper dressing room, crate of beer and a shower. The thing I remember most was walking out then the stage lights came on, I thought i was going to melt!. Growing up in a council house in Hemel, I never dreamed such warmth possible. The reason for the name change to The Untouchables was that the main newspaper in the area did not like to print the original, another was that Mr. France had also had a problem with the council in Leighton Buzzard, and having postered the place silly for a gig at the Hunt hotel, was forced to take them all down. My thoughts were stuff them its a good name but we came to a compromise. The surgeons split after a year in which we learnt our trade, with lots of gigs in the area and some with Planet Gong, Here and Now and diverse others. I formed Vince Pie and the Crumbs and my pal Mick played with the Vice Creems, then formed the Funboy Five. I saw some great gigs at Friars and it was by far one of the best music venues in the country, very fond memories indeed.[ps. Vince Pie and the crumbs have a retro MySpace site"

Mick Sinclair (The Anal Surgeons):

"I’m thrilled to discover from Phil Seaton that we (I was the guitarist in the Anal Surgeons) were ‘learning our trade’ as I’ve often wondered what it was we were doing that year… I’d been a Friars member since joining as an underage 15 year old in 1972 (Lou Reed that year and Ramones with Talking Heads in 1977 eclipse all else) so actually playing there was indeed a treat. That said, my main memory is breaking a string, not one of the thin strings that often break but the a string, one of the thick ones nobody would normally break in a hundred years.  Yes, the dressing room was larger than most of the venues we played in but the beer had all gone by the time I wanted to drink some and I was too scared to go in the shower after John Cook (our other singer) had used it. I did form the Funboy Five (see and subsequently became a music journalist though I only got back to Friars once, to review UK Decay."

press cuttings



From 'Fast and Bulbous'

what happened next

             Is, was and always will be an Aylesbury legend. After Really Free gave Otway his one hit wonder status in 1977 which he regularly played on ('I'm now going to do a selection of my hit'), he confounded everyone by being back on Top of the Pops in 2002, 25 years after last troubling the charts, with the entertaining 'Bunsen Burner'. Plans for a world Otway tour where he took the audience with him in a plane fell through in 2006. He's still gigging today, occasionally with Wild Willy himself and helped close Friars Phase Three in 2010 having played the first gig there in 1975. starred in Otway the movie in 2012

odds and trivia
 The Untouchables named themselves after some sections of the press had a problem with The Anal Surgeons
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