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Saturday February 13th 1982

friars aylesbury phase three - maxwell hall, civic centre, market square, aylesbury

part of avdc arts week

exclusive friars aylesbury interviewswith fish, mick pointer and nick beggs

John Cooper Clarke and the Invisible Girls
the scars  way of the west  art nouveau  marillion
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Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls Saturday October 11th 1980

Marillion Saturday August 1st 1981 Saturday October 31st 1981  Saturday June 19th 1982 Friday March 18th 1983 Thursday December 29th 1983 Saturday December 22nd 1984 Saturday November 9th 2013

No Nonsense Saturday February 20th 1982

Kajagoogoo (Art Nouveau plus Limahl) Saturday October 30th 1982 Saturday May 7th 1983

band line up
John Cooper Clarke
 Martin Hannett (bass) Steve Hopkins (keys) Vini Reilly (guitar) Paul Burgess (drums)
Fish (vocs) Brian Jelliman (keys) Diz Minnitt (bass) Steve Rothery (guitar) Mick Pointer (drums)
Art Nouveau
Nick Beggs (bass/vocs) Jez Strode (drums) Steve Askew (guitar) Stuart Neale (keys)
No Nonsense
Lewis Herbert (vocs) George Ellis (guitar) Crispin Payne (drums) Charles Latty (bass)
gig poster and flyer (click to enlarge flyer)

Nick Beggs, Art Nouveau:

Playing Friars was always a buzz. My earliest gig there was with Art Nouveau (Kajagoogoo before Limahl). We opened for the Scars and John Cooper Clark. AMAZING.It was the first big stage I ever played on and couldn't believe how different it felt to a club gig

press cuttings

what happened next
John Cooper Clarke is still going strong with his unique poetry but The Invisible Girls had disbanded by around 1982

Art Nouveau (not advertised but did play) became Kajagoogoo and went on to headline Friars in 1983

Marillion became hugely successful and they were from Aylesbury ! They went on to play Friars many times

Associated with the Invisible Girls were Penetration's Pauline Murray and Rob Blamire who came back to Friars in October 2009. Paul Burgess played with many bands including 10cc and was in the original T'Pau

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John Cooper Clarke official site  Marillion official site
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John Cooper Clarke  - Beasley Street 
Art Nouveau - Fear Machine 2000 
Marillion - Forgotten Sons

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