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Saturday October 30th 1982

friars aylesbury phase three - maxwell hall, civic centre, market square, aylesbury

howard jones inducted into the friars heroes hall of fame in 2009

exclusive friars aylesbury interview with nick beggs

kajagoogoo  howard jones
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Kajagoogoo  Saturday May 7th 1983

Art Nouveau (Kajagoogoo without Limahl) Friday 29th May 1981

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Friars High Wycombe Saturday April 30th 1983  Thursday December 22nd 1983

Warrior (Howard Jones) Saturday November 17th 1973

Alan Darby (Steve Harley) Saturday December 12th 1981

Troy Tate (Teardrop Explodes) Saturday June 27th 1981

band line up
Alan Darby (vocs/guitar) Troy Tate (vocs/guitar)  Martin Recchi (bass)  Mulligan (keys/programming) Dik Davies (drums)
 Limahl (vocs) Nick Beggs (bass)  Stuart Neale (keys)  Jez Strode (drums) Steve Askew (guitar)
Howard Jones
Howard Jones (keys/programming/vocs)  Jed Hoile (mime)
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The webmaster, north Bucks

This was a remarkable gig in many ways as both support acts ultimately eclipsed the main act by some considerable margin. This was the first time I saw Howard Jones and it was clear then that the potential was there and something could happen.

I remember seeing Kajagoogoo who were getting lots of record company support at this time and they were damn good. It was obvious they were going to make it and probably appeal to a young/teen audience.

just before going to this gig, my friend and I had watched The Whistle Test upon which Fashion appeared, but they could have made a reference to the fact they were playing Friars that night which pretty much summed up this bandís luck.

They were playing their acclaimed Fabrique album without their creative force Dave Harris and replaced him for this tour with Alan Darby (who had played with Steve Harley at Friars) and Troy Tate who also played with the Teardrop Explodes at Friars

Nick Beggs, Kajagoogoo

'Playing Friars was always a buzz. My earliest gig there was with Art Nouveau (Kajagoogoo before Limahl). We opened for the Scars and John Cooper Clark. AMAZING.It was the first big stage I ever played on and couldn't believe how different it felt to a club gig

press cuttings
what happened next
If ever a band had bad luck, it was Fashion and it was no wonder the two support bands would outstrip them eventually. After this tour, they set about in 1983 recording the follow up to the glorious Fabrique. Drummer Dik Davies was seriously injured after being knocked off of his bicycle in Paris where they were recording. By the time the follow up, 'Twilight of Idols' had come out in 1984, they had largely been forgotten about. Their summer 1984 tour was their last and they also supported Kajagoogoo returning the compliment. Mulligan formed a new band as at 1985 called D'Zyon. Dik Davies is believed to have passed away and little information is known on the whereabouts on the remaining members

Kajagoogoo within three months were number 1 with 'Too Shy' and headlined Friars in 1983.

Howard Jones also went on to huge success having his breakthrough hit 'New Song' in 1983 and went on to headline Friars four times. Both Kajagoogoo and Howard Jones are active as at 2015

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Fashion - Move On  
Kajagoogoo - Too Shy 
Howard Jones - Human's Lib

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