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Thursday December 23rd 1976

friars aylesbury phase three - vale hall, civic centre, market square, aylesbury

eddie and the hot rods inducted into the friars heroes hall of fame in 2010

friars aylesbury christmas party

exclusive friars aylesbury interviews with barrie masters, robin boult and pete trewavas


Eddie and the Hot Rods
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band line up
Eddie and the Hot Rods
Barrie Masters (vocs)  Graeme Douglas (guitar)  Paul Gray (bass)  Steve Nicol (drums)
John Dawson (vocs) Pete Trewavas (bass) Robin Boult (guitar) Graham Hocking (drums) Mick Rowe (guitar)
gig poster and flyer (click to enlarge flyer)



Barrie Masters, Eddie and the Hot Rods:

In my humble opinion Friars was the best all round gig in the country. The size is great as you're never too far from stage or bar, acoustics are excellent and from the bands point of view a perfect stage size and great dressing rooms.David Stopps ( promoter in my day ) an excellent host, always looked after us well and also ran a tight ship. I must add that the Iggy Pop gig with David Bowie on keys, rates in my top ten gigs of all time. So as you can tell, you won't get a bad word about Friars from me, and I have done more gigs than most bands in the country, most of them I have forgotten by now, but I always remember the Friars gigs I have done. if only all gigs were as good as..... 

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what happened next
Eddie and the Hot Rods went on to have a supersmash with Do Anything You Wanna Do but had called it a day by 1981.Since 1985 though Eddie and the Hot Rods with Masters the ever constant have been performing including a great set at the first night of Friars Phase Four at the Waterside
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Eddie and the Hot Rods official site
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Eddie and the Hot Rods - Get Across To You

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