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A lucky break a few months ago put both the webmaster of this site and David Stopps in contact with Geoffrey Tyrell as we were not sure where he was and we had put an appeal out on this website (which Geoff hadn't seen at that point)

Geoff, as many Friars fans will remember, was the photographer at the Bucks Advertiser who captured many of Friars magic moments at the Maxwell Hall between 1975 - 1980.

Geoff moved away from Aylesbury in the early 1980s to Essex where he still lives and is now retired. From our conversations, we discovered that Geoff still had a wealth of material from the Friars years. Only problem, unlike today's digital age where a photo can be sent at the touch of a button, was that they only existed in negative form. Geoff deserves enormous credit and thanks for working on nearly 200 photographs for us which he had to recreate from the negatives and put them into a useable form for us. There are some great pictures here and who knows, you may recognize yourself in them (if you do, let us know!). To aid viewing, they are arranged in different sections as below.

Many of these pictures may not have been seen before or certainly not for 30 years or more. If you can add some weight to these pictures, especially if you are in them, please do contact us.

Thanks Geoff for preserving these wonderful memories of a golden era for music and for Friars.

1975 - Last night at the Borough Assembly Hall, August 30th

1975 - First night of Friars Phase Three at the Vale (Maxwell) Hall, September 13th

1975 - Other gigs including Greenslade, Dr Feelgood, Tangerine Dream, Stackridge and more ** NEW PICS!

1976 - Aylesbury Rock Explosion gig in September: Otway and Barrett, Ardazell, Orthi

1976  - Part one: Featuring Steeleye Span, Renaissance, Ronnie Lane, UFO and more! ** NEW PICS!

1976  - Part two: Featuring Widowmaker, Curved Air, Kevin Ayers, Fruupp and more!** NEW PICS!**

1976  - Part three: Featuring Steve Hillage, Hawkwind, Sailor, The Flamin' Groovies

1976 -  Seventh birthday party - Mott  ** NEW PICS!**

1977 - Including Blondie, Ramones, Frankie Miller, Talking Heads** NEW PICS!**

1977 - Part two Including Blondie, Ramones, Frankie Miller, Talking Heads** NEW PICS!**

1978 - Open Air Otway part one ** NEW PICS!**

1978 - Open Air Otway part two  ** NEW PICS!**

1978 - A couple of other shots

Genesis 1980

General People shots - featuring Pete Frame and Kris Needs and others!

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