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What a great exhibition. There are many people who are so important for making this happen


We would like to thank Sue Greensmith for her endless work in reorganizing the Friars archives and her unceasing dedication to research and organisation of this exhibition

To Malcolm Isbister, Judy and Rick Pearce, Stuart Robb, Joseph
Stopps and Steve Daglish who have put in so much hard work.

Special thanks also to all the photographers who
contributed, particularly
Geoffrey Tyrell and Mark Jordan.

Mark produced an astonishing library of photographs at
the eleventh hour that we had never seen before.

Mega-thanks to Mike Rutherford, Edgar Broughton, Nick Mason, John
Otway, Stackridge, Ulrike Coxhill-Scholz, Toyah, Vivien Symons
and Pete Trewavas for kindly allowing us to exhibit some of their possessions.

We would like to thank the Buckinghamshire County Council for allowing us to present this exhibition in the Buckinghamshire County Museum.

Particular thanks go out to David Erskine, Ruth Page, Richard Wells, Mick Hutton, Vicky Scrivens and
the museum staff.
David Erskine has put in endless hours of hard work and deserves full credit for the structure anddetail of this exhibition.

Massive thanks go out to the exhibition sponsors Lee Upton of Amberflare Creative for designing
the panels and the front page of this programme,
Impact Sign Solutions for producing the panels, Peter Empson at Deco Audio for supplying the audio equipment

Thanks to Richard Carr of Bucks TV for producing the audio-visual material and
Friends of Bucks County Museum.

Thanks also to Malcolm Wyatt for producing and mixing the exhibition audio and
Peter Noble and Will Taylor for national press.



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