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Edgar Broughton Night

After the success of the Bowie night, we decided to theme our second evening around the appearances of Edgar Broughton. Even better all three members who played Friars in 1969 and 2009 were there along with ex Pink Floyd manager Peter Jenner who quickly acquired legend status with some of his memories, some of which cannot be printed!

This is Richard Burt, now resident in the US who went to Friars in the early days. He was back in Risborough on holidays and came along. One thing about Richard.....without his support and graciousness, there my well be no Friars website.

Our ace lensman Russ Naylor was present to capture the fans and the evening.

We couldn't have an event without this man. Keith Martin is Friars member number one,

David Stopps, Edgar Broughton, Steve Broughton and Arthur Grant

Our museum man David Erskine and Edgar.

John Braley, an important part of the Friars story.

Sue Greensmith and David Stopps and between them is Rocking Ray Smith who played Friars with Magus.

Going back to the days, David shows a card for Smokey Rice whom he managed before Friars. From Smokey Rice came Smokey Bill and local legends Farm.

Robin Boult who has trodden the Friars boards very many times in Orthi, The Cameras, The Robins and Heartbeat.

Robin Pike, The Broughtons, Peter Jenner and Friars Founding Father Adrian Roach. Behind is David Stopps and Mike O'Connor

Sir Robin.

Steve Broughton

Edgar Broughton

Arthur Grant

Peter Jenner

Adrian Roach

David introduces the panel before the presentation

Peter Jenner's stories were wide and varied including turning down Bowie and sticking with Syd Barrett rather than staying with Pink Floyd when Syd left.


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